Symposium Univ Bordeaux

Algebra, Codes and Networks / June 16 - 20, 2014

Eating out

Random choice in Bordeaux's (almost) pedestrian centre shouldn't turn out too badly, but here are a few tips anyway:

French, classical style. Good choices if you would like to experience local dishes.

Le Croc'Loup, 35 rue du Loup (South west cuisine). The number theory group's favorite.

Chez Jean, 1 place du parlement. (South west). Great location.

Le M de Maubadon, 53 Rue Lafaurie Monbadon. (South west). Great decor.

On the riverbank.

Le Quaizaco, 80 quai des Chartrons. (South west) Great vault. Good choice of wine by the glass. In the Chartrons neighbourhood, on the riverbank. Next to tram B.

L'Estacade, Quai des Queyries. When you cross the Pont de Pierre, it will be on your left handside. A great view on the river and the 18e century facades.

Le Cafe du Port, 1 Quai Deschamps. Also on the other side of the river, but right hand side after Pont de Pierre. Fish oriented, great food.

Gastronomic. In these ones, you have a chance to indulge yourself with an exceptional dinner and surrounding. The two first are Michelin starred restaurants. Needless to say, they are more pricey than others.

Le Gabriel, 10 place de la bourse. It has three venues: a restaurant, a bistrot and a bar and offers a splendid view on the river.

Le chapon fin, 5 rue Montesquieu. A landmark establishment, settled in 1885 ! The inside decoration is remarkable.

L'oiseau bleu, 127 avenue Thiers. Slightly more affordable, a little away from the city center, the hidden terrasse is fantastic.

Italians. Probably the most vegeterian friendly option in Bordeaux. The organizers' favorites:

Il Borsalino, 22 rue Sainte-Colombe (Italian, Sardinian specialties).

Peppone, 31, cours Georges Clemenceau or Quai de la Douane, two places for one restaurant, a popular place where you might queue at busy hours, but their pizza is worth waiting for.

Pizzeria Masaniello, 10, rue Maucodinat (recommended by our  italian phd students)

Japanese. Sushi places are numerous, however these two offer authentic japanese cooking (and a wider choice of specialities).

Cafe japonais, 22 rue Saint Simeon.

Maruya, 1 rue Fenelon.

Wine bars. As a rule they provide very good service (try to bring a French speaker to experience it properly) and good wine deals. Experience the Bordeaux way of life.

La parcelle, place du Forum Talence. Next to the university. Always very busy. A plate of cheese can be had with the wine.

Le bô bar, 8 place Saint-Pierre. Great location. Good food (some Basque specialties) to go with the wine.

Le bistrot des grands hommes, 10 place des grands hommes. Limited choice but quite good food.

Coffee places. Here you can enjoy a very nice coffee of tea, together with cakes, or a lunch salad.

Books and Coffee, 26 rue Saint James. In a newly renovated pedestrian street, offering nice shopping opportunities. You shouldn't miss taking a look at La grosse cloche there.

Les mots bleus, 40 rue Poquelin Moliere. A quiet place, away from the crowd, where you can rest and read comfortably.

World cup. Pretty much anywhere really. The biggest pub/screens will probably be at The Connemara, 14-18 cours d'Albret (near City Hall), or the Frog and Rosbif, 23 rue Ausone (they brew their own ales, in case you need a break from grapes).